Blog #6 – Your Blog

Due Date: Friday, February 27

Now things are getting crazy. You’ll be blogging about your blog.

Take a look back at the things you’ve written and done for the past six weeks. What trends or major discoveries do you notice? What can you learn about yourself as a student/journalist from the things you’ve produced or the writing you’ve done? How have you grown or changed as a writer or journalist?

Make this entry your own.

While going back through blog post, I’ve realized I should take more time when writing.  Ideas would be further developed and more sources would be used to back up content.  Rather than have ideas and one or two sources.  I should also try to find more blogs to link to.  As done in this post.

I was looking at The Air Force’s Rules of engagement as applied to Blogging.  As well as checking out 5 Blogs Rules to Impress.  Really, I do need to check more sources.  “Listen as much as you speak.”  Listening and reading more would be a help to improve my blogging skills.  I’ve other blogs which I spend hours on researching the topic.  But for some reason, I don’t even bother to spend an hour here. 

Got to make sure to fix that.  I’ll re-edit this later.

27.Feb.09 Assignments

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